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First things first

“Be faithful in the little things and I will give you more.”

That’s what God whispered to me on the job sometime ago. As I rushed from one meeting to another, God stopped me in the middle of a hallway to let me know I was letting my performance slide and needed to be faithful in the mundane things no one sees, like my habit of checking eBay auctions during work hours and faltering punctuality. If I were watchful and faithful, He said, He would give me added favor and influence in the workplace. I obeyed.

Fast-forward to a month later. On my drive home from work one day, I said, “Lord, it would be really nice to get a promotion…” I saw no room for growth in my company, but told Him I would let Him figure that one out and wouldn’t worry about it. A few days later, I was promoted above my supervisor (yes, that means I became my boss’ boss).

That turn of events testifies to three biblical truths:

  1. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Remember the amazing, supernatural things He did in biblical times? Well, He’s still in that business.
  2. God keeps His promises. It’s hard to get discouraged when you stay focused on those promises.
  3. God’s promises are conditional. Have you noticed the “do-this-first-and-then-I’ll-give-you-that” pattern to His promises? Blessing comes through obedience.

Matthew 6:33 says it best: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

What’s standing between you and your blessing?


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