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What would Jesus buy?

The American Marketing Association* has this to say about marketing to born-again Christians:

“Christian groups tend to be tremendously well organized at the grassroots level, which allows for effective and affordable marketing to small, highly involved group of consumers.”

“(Christian consumers) are connected, and they really appreciate a company or product that does pay attention to their interests. When they find something that lines up with that, they pass it along.”

A blog post by David Morse on RetailWire reports that John Nardini, vice president of marketing at Denali Flavors, says “If you believe in something as fundamental as (Christianity), it pervades every single part of your life. If there is a brand that supports these causes, they’re going to support it 100 percent.” However, Morse warns companies who do not share Christian beliefs (like Morse himself) to stay away from Christian markets because, in his opinion, marketing to this segment might alienate non-Christian customers.

Blogger Rick Moss responds that Christians just can’t be ignored these days: “To a degree, the toned-down Super Bowl ads represent the influence of Born-Agains on mass marketing. When faced with the challenge of appealing to the broadest possible cross section of the population, advertisers are taking the safest route and asking their creative people to imagine how the Born-Agains would react.”

I say you should start out being honest about who you — your company, product or service — are (pardon the cheesy cliché). If that lines up with Christian values and consumers, great. If it doesn’t and you try to portray yourself as a Christian company, the “real Christians” will spot you a mile away.

What do you think?

*Marketing News (published by American Marketing Association), 1 Feb 2005


2 Responses

  1. I agree with your comments.

    The best marketing and advertising is genuine and authentic. It’s designed to communicate to and resonate with the ideal customer…whoever that may be.

    Christian companies shouldn’t be afraid to be honest about who they are because they’ll attract those people who most want to do business with them and repel those who aren’t interested. The customer experience is better and the employee experience is better (because the employees are serving the right customers).

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Winnie! Have a very blessed week.


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