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Sign of the Times

It seems God’s been working overtime at the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. In a recent email to the board of directors, President Roland Dorson wrote that “a party line to the Great Upstairs seems to have been installed here at the Chamber.”
Last December, former President John Myrland quit his 25-year Chamber career to become a minister in the United Methodist Church — a radical move that drew a lot of local media attention. Last month, I announced my departure from my position as the Chamber’s director of communications to launch the Christian Professional magazine. This week, Vice President of Business Advocacy Sue Swayze told the Chamber’s staff that she has a call from God to head up the Indiana Family Action, the new, lobbying arm of the Indiana Family Institute. Curiously, none of us had shared our intentions with each other before our public announcements.
Despite the risks, significant salary cuts and even some opposition, we’ve each described an irresistible call from God in our lives and the peace and joy that follow it. Not everyone gets it — the Chamber’s leadership is still scratching its collective head, trying to understand what’s going on there. In fact, John, Sue and I have asked ourselves that same question lately. We know God has plans for each of us, but is the fact that we’re all Chamber employees making those decisions at the same time just a coincidence? Or does God have something else in the works for the Chamber?

I don’t really know what to think of it all, so don’t expect a great revelation at the end of this post. I do know this: people are thirsty and searching for spiritual meaning more than ever before, and we can greatly impact people’s lives and their relationship with the Lord simply by the choices we make and the way we live our lives.

Remember that people are watching you, and if you’ve broadcast the fact that you’re a Christian, their expectations of you have just been raised. May God’s influence, leadership, provision and favor be so evident in our lives that onlookers will say, “I want some of that.”

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