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The Wilderness

As we prepare to launch the second issue of the Christian Professional magazine, I’m thrilled and humbled by God’s favor and intervention in this venture and the support of our readers. On the other side of the coin, if you’ve ever started a business, you know that despite all the time you’ve spent on a business plan and goals, it can be hard to see clearly into the future. It’s a scary place to be.

So I was reading “Praying the Names of God,” by Ann Spangler, and felt God speak to me through the following passage, although it describes the author’s experience:

“‘You are in the desert right now. You are in the wilderness.’ Strangely, the words comforted me. I had been so anxious and confused about the future (…) Now it seemed as if God was assuring me that He knew where I was, even if I didn’t. That experience helped me pinpoint my location on a spiritual map.”

Spangler goes on to point out that in the Bible, the desert often represents a place of TRANSITION and TESTING, where God’s people are challenged to obey and to trust God to lead them into the LAND OF PROMISE.

Next I popped Rebecca St. James‘ new album in the CD player, and the Lord continued to speak through a song called “Shadowlands.” I’ll paste the lyrics below:

You promised me that you’d never leave or let me go
You promised me that you’d love me through the highs and lows
You promised me you won’t give me more than I can bear
You promised me that when I cry out that you’d be there

The shadowlands are what I know so I’m hanging on to your every word
The shadowlands surround me now but you walk with me through the cloud into the sun

You promised me if I sow in tears I’ll reap in joy
You promised me that you will breathe life into my soul
I know it’s true all that you say
I believe in you and I am standing on the promises you’ve made
You promised me and I believe

Now I’m thinking this isn’t such a scary place… And I can’t wait to get to that promised land.


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