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Housekeeping, Giveaways & What Makes You Tick

Have I told you lately that I love you? I do.

In fact, the plan was to surprise all you email subscribers today with a nifty little gift as a “thank you” for keeping your eyeballs on this blog. (Seriously, I’m digging into my pocketbook for this one and saving the receipt as a business expense.)

Then Google acquired Feedburner and ate up all my subscriber data, so I can’t tell who you are or how to reach you. They promise to get their act together in 72 hours, so we’ll see. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon. [sigh]

Meanwhile, I’ve contracted a kick-butt designer to turn this blog into a super-duper, slick web site. I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with, and I’m working hard to add new, helpful content and tools here for you. I’m also turning some content into audio for those of you who are iPod addicts like me.

But here’s the thing: If I’m going to go through all that trouble and expense, I want to give you stuff you truly want and will benefit from.

So would you do me a favor? Would you tell me in the comments section below:

  • What your top 3 work-related challenges are
  • What content or tool would be most helpful to you right now

Or, if you prefer, shoot me an email at andrea@espressoshots.com.

Many, many thanks. I really appreciate your time and input, and can’t wait to read your feedback.


4 Responses

  1. Andrea,
    I am excited to see the changes that you say are coming! I’ve always been a big fan of what you do here, especially since I haven’t kept up as much with my “management by God” blog much over the last few months. So here are the answers to your questions…

    Top 3 work-related challenges:
    – Dealing with (very) non-Christian co-workers
    – Applying Biblical wisdom especially during turbulent times like these
    – Trying to do more with less

    Content or tools:
    I’d love to see ‘devotional’ content that gives me an opportunity to meditate on some scripture passage that may affect my thinking on workplace issues. I would also enjoy references to other resources that might exist that would help me to manage in my workplace in a proper, Biblical way. And… I love the type of stuff that you already post here… personally challenging and thought-provoking.

    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions about my responses.

    Dan King
    (an email subscriber)

  2. Andrea
    Good to have the blog and your insight around.
    My big three:

    1 – being authentic. Either I’m too much like the world (denying my faith) or I’m too churchy, (denying my humanity).

    2 – Facing fear of layoffs

    3 – Steering clear of office politics.


  3. Ooohhh…
    I like David’s #3 “steering clear of office politics”. Good one!

  4. Dan & David – thanks so much for your input! Thanks also to those who emailed me directly. I’m loving this; keep them coming. Have a great weekend!


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