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Once a frustrated corporate minion, Andrea writes about the unconventional principles that thrust her into a fulfilling career and straight up the chain of command — including a curious promotion that turned her boss into her subordinate.

She now enjoys helping fellow careerists find significance and get ahead in business based on what BusinessWeek called “the ultimate competitive advantage”: the wealth of proven marketplace strategies found in the Scriptures.

“Authentic Christ-like behavior,” she argues, “invariably breeds enhanced relationships, increased influence and, consequently, added profits — all while adding value to the lives we come in contact with on a daily basis.”

cpmagcover“Whatever your background is,” she adds, “we can agree that Jesus Christ was wildly successful in leading a slew of underdogs to excellence, spreading his message globally and changing history. I invite you to apply his strategies to add significance and impact to your own work.”

Andrea works as a writer and communications specialist in Indianapolis, Ind., where she’s been recognized as one of “Indy’s Best & Brightest.” Clients and partners include the Christian Professional magazine, Christian Phone Book, Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce and more.

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Reach me at:
Email: andrea@espressoshots.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/andreaemerson 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Emerson/607172472


One Response

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Heard of you via Digger Daily! I started my small, home-based company a little over a year ago. Still working on getting web traffic but it has been tough. I am a full-time Mom of 5 kids ages 4-12. I have recently been working on an off-shoot of my scented note card line. This iwill be called Logoroma Designs and I have yet to get my site, logo, business cards created (looking for more time in my busy days) I have made quite a few contacts/interest in the meantime and I would like to share my business idea/designs with you. My designs combine a business’s logo w/ their related scent (yours, obviously, would be espresso scent!) I have the logo printed onto fabric and create my designs this way. My tag-line is going to be “Does your logo make s(c)ents?” I would love to make you a sample using your logo. If so, please send me your logo in an attachment. You may, also, have other clients/customers/friends who may be interested in my new, unique designs. They are a small, blank note card style but just about any style can be customized using the same application.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. I am excited about my venture and look forward to sharing with others.

    Julie Dunsmore
    Sew Fab! Designs

    p.s. I am a Christian as well!

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